Best Human Resource Software

Ten years ago, a human resources (HR) manager had to wear many hats including being a staff manager, payroll manager, and administrative manager. This made it almost impossible for HR managers to do their jobs effectively or complete most tasks in time.

Today, thanks to technology, the roles of HR managers have slowly been redefined. There is no denying that technology matters to HR today, and that one cannot do without the other. With various HR software, managers can now rest easy and spend less of their time planning and more time executing their tasks.

HR software has expanded the HR market significantly, and due to automation, employees can now use self-service models. As a result, HR tasks such as payroll execution take up less administrative time from HR managers. The HR software market is expected to reach $10.9 billion by 2023. Let’s look at the best HR software on the market.


BambooHR is a performance management system that is designed for small and medium sized businesses. It offers a unique variety of useful features including recruitment and workload administration features. This HR software is designed to offer a streamlined coworking experience for employees and employers alike.

BambooHR’s cloud based system helps to deal with:

  • Time-off tracking
  • Performance management
  • Integrated applicant tracking: a system that allows you to add new job openings and other relevant details such as salary and title.
  • Payroll and performance administration
  • Complex leave management
  • Unique reports such as employment opportunity reports, taxation reports, and other summaries.
  • Onboarding emails that help you prepare special emails for new hires and access files and corporate documents that are relevant to them.

This software comes with a mobile app that allows HR managers to monitor various activities remotely. Remember that monitoring activities remotely requires VPN to avoid loss or theft of vital organizational data. Besides, one of its most appealing attributes is its custom workflow capacity which allows you to introduce various rules and policies. These rules and policies not only make decision making easy, but also increase employee engagement.

Zoho recruit

This is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps managers to deal with various challenges that they encounter in the recruitment process. Zoho recruit is a web based solutions that caters for small to mid-sized businesses, but can also be used in enterprises. This HR software includes features that allow for resume parsing, resume storage, interview scheduling, and automated job posting.

With this software you can source, track, and hire candidates who are best fit for the job without having to visit or use different media. Moreover, you can also use it to customize or automate different aspects of your workday such as sending emails and updating interview statuses. Other features that you will enjoy with this tool include:

  1. Publishing jobs on premium job boards
  2. Creating company’s career page
  3. Better engagement of candidates
  4. Candidate interview stage tracking
  5. AI powered candidate selection and matching with semantic search


Employee training and onboarding has never been easier! Did you know that by training your employees you can increase your profit margin by 24% and realize a 37% higher productivity rate? TalentLMS is a scalable and versatile Learning Management Software (LMS) that helps businesses and corporations during their training programs. This LMS is suitable for both small and large businesses.

TalentLMS offers different e-learning capabilities including: progress reports, assessing learning performances, as well as repurposing and sharing courses depending on the needs of the end user. With this tool, you can level up your e-learning program to include gamification, conferencing, and other features that you deem helpful; to your training program. TalentLMS is highly customizable and it has a simple and friendly user interface.


GustoHR has changed the traditional ways of HR management and proven that tasks such as payroll management and compensation can be done on the screen. This software has a unique smart benefits scheme that includes health insurance, 401 (k) plans, and 529 college savings. This scheme is designed to ensure that no employee is left out.

You can work efficiently with GustoHR even if you are not tech-savvy. Its all-in-one platform offers the following unique tools:

  • Salary comparison tool
  • Burn rate calculator
  • Employee tax calculator
  • New hire checklist

GustoHR is easy to customize and is one of the few HR software that you can genuinely tailor to your needs.

Cloud HR

This cloud hosted human capital management software is well-known for its extensive functionalities. Cloud HR comes with a self-service portal that allows employees to monitor their own progress which, in turn, increases engagement and productivity. This software also provides a myriad of HR functionality which makes your work as a manger easier. These functionalities include talent development, applicant monitoring, payroll preparation, and compensation management.

Cloud HR also offers real-time reporting, enabling HR managers and professionals to track their day-to-day activities. One of the downsides of Cloud HR is that it was designed for medium and large enterprises, thus its tools are not easy to adjust to suit the needs of small and start-up businesses. 

Are you looking for HR software that will make your work easier? How about you try the software discussed in this article (or other)? Detailed above are different software for different needs including employee management, training, and applicant tracking. If you are already using HR software, we’d love to hear which software it is as well as how it has helped you mitigate various challenges.