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The Benefit of Adopting Comprehensive Standards of Monitoring Employee Technology Use in the Workplace

September 22, 2012

With the explosion of technology has come the opportunity for nearly all aspects of everyone’s life to be monitored.  A phone GPS can detect a person’s whereabouts at any time; keystroke monitors can record anything a person types on a keyboard; cameras can, and do, monitor movements in schools, stores, parking lots, homes, and many […]

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Thinking Win-Win: Boosting Profitability Through Gender-Balanced Flex-Time

August 30, 2013

Abstract   Setting working mothers free from the gridlock of inflexible “all-or-nothing” workplaces[1]  can unleash the tremendous potential of female leadership qualities and create win-win[2]  situations for both employers and employees. When human resources managers create such win-win situations, they can boost efficiency, productivity, profitability, and ultimately increase their company’s bottom line. The key to […]

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Leverage HR to Strategically Transition from Reluctant Compliance to Proactive Ethics

August 20, 2013

  In November 2012, a fire broke out in a Bangladeshi clothing factory, killing 112 workers and injuring 200. It soon became apparent that the deaths were caused by the lack of proper evacuation routes, and the factory’s main client, Wal-Mart, was widely criticized for discouraging safety improvements in suppliers’ plants in order to keep […]

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Where’s the Remote? Face Time, Remote Work, and Implications for Performance Mangement (2013 Annual Essay Competition: 2nd Place)

August 18, 2013

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s ban on telecommuting and the subsequent uproar over that decision highlights the need for a deeper understanding of the impact of remote work.  Although it would prove comforting to assert that the peer-reviewed findings of the social and managerial sciences are in accord as to the benefits of telework in the […]

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HR as a Strategic Partner in Redefining and Reexamining Supply Chain Labor Standards (2013 Annual Essay Competition: 3rd Place)

August 16, 2013

In today’s global marketplace, organizations no longer operate with linear supply chains or manufacturing models. The issue of global labor standards has been a debated topic since the 1990’s and industry supply chains continue to provoke discussions around labor standards and improving worker conditions[i]. Nike presents the classic example of an organization that exploited its […]

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The Baby Boom Bust (2013 Annual Essay Competition: 4th Place)

June 24, 2013

As Corporate America struggles to emerge from the depths of the recession, another crisis awaits them over the horizon with the imminent retirement of the baby boomers.  In 2011, this generation’s oldest members turned 65 with approximately 10,000 more expected to join them every day over the next two decades[1].  Current estimates state that 25 […]

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“For a Mess of Pottage”··: Incentivizing Creative Employees Toward Improved Competitiveness

May 19, 2013

 I.  Introduction Managing employees’ talent, promoting innovation, and improving productivity are critical challenges for organizations. Creative employees and the innovative products they develop can make a tremendous contribution to an organization’s success and competitive position.[1]  While employed inventors play an extremely important role in the production of an organization’s technological innovations, they are often either […]

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Labor Rights, Associate Duties, and Transnational Production Chains

May 1, 2013

I. Introduction In this article we propose to contribute to the philosophical debate on global justice by viewing labor relations as a type of association which implies moral commitments among its participants. We argue that such a view of associative duties justifies a cosmopolitan approach to labor standards, calling for the regulation and enforcement of […]

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Workplace Violence: Why Every State Must Adopt a Comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Law

April 13, 2013

On August 24, 2012, a fired clothing designer gunned down a former co-worker outside the Empire State Building in New York City.[1] The violent act was the culmination of built up tension between two former co-workers.[2] Their anger towards one another had already resulted in at least one physical confrontation at work that led to […]

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