Major Functions of Human Resource Management

The term human resource refers to the employees of a company and the division responsible for the company’s workforce. Human resource management, therefore, deals with the management of workers in an organization or company.


A qualified and motivated workforce contributes heavily to a company’s success. The human resource department is, therefore, responsible for hiring qualified personnel and providing orientation. They set the criteria that should be met by job applicants and ensure that they select the best. The recruitment process is essential because it offers a productive workforce and eliminates the risk of having incompetent workers.

Provides Proper Working Conditions

A good working environment and condition not only motivates employees but makes them productive as well. Human resource has the role of creating such conditions through means such as employee welfare. Workers should be appreciated and recognized not only through financial benefits but by non-financial ways as well. The human resource department, hence, ensures that workers are comfortable and satisfied.

Manages inter-personal relations among workers

Employee relationship heavily influences work outputs. It is the duty of the human resource department to promote good relations among employees by planning activities that encourage the company’s staff to interact on a personal level. These activities help to foster healthy relationships between workers and promote teamwork. Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. In case of an escalated conflict between employees, the human resource department helps to resolve such disputes fairly and in a way that will ensure that both employees can still work peacefully together. 

Provides Training Programs

Learning never stops. Employees require training to increase and improve their skills which as a result will advance the quality and quantity of their work. Employee training is the responsibility of human resource management. This department organizes education and training programs that help employees improve and develop personally and career-wise. For example, training on modern tools and technologies like how to make VPN faster will help improve an employee’s speed at work without compromising data security.

It Offers Orientation

Orientation is a crucial stage in the hiring process that is often underrated and ignored by most companies. It is the job of the human resource department to ensure that new employees are familiar with everything concerning their job and their workplace. The department has a responsibility of explaining the company’s objectives and the employee’s role in helping the company reach its goals by giving detailed descriptions of the new worker’s duties. Human resource, therefore, provides clarity for new workers that help them settle and adjust well.

In conclusion, the workforce of a company is its pillar. An organization or company’s performance is as good as its employees and its human resource department. Good workers and working conditions equal good output.