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The Front Lines: Employer Provided Paid Parental Leave in the United States

June 22, 2017

Parental leave has largely remained undiscussed in the United States since the late 1980s to early 1990s. The enactment of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, which gave parents twelve weeks of unpaid parental leave, seemed to satiate scholarly writers. Encouragingly, the topic of parental leave has had a resurgence within the last […]

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Women in Male-Dominated Careers

May 3, 2017

There are many areas of opportunity regarding gender fairness that can be crucial in defining a workplace. Some workplaces tend to be male-dominated due to women employees’ awareness, past experiences, and priorities.

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Uber’s Gambit: Reassessing the Regulatory Realities of the ‘Gig Economy’

March 6, 2017

Introduction Human Resources (HR) departments have begun bracing for a labor environment characterized by temporary jobs, one dominated, for example, by the independent contractor.[1] Accordingly, the workplace policy landscape is shifting to keep up with what has now come to be known in modern buzzword parlance as a “gig economy”. [2]

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2016 CAHRS Partner Day Summary

February 24, 2017

Looking back upon the Fall 2016 semester, the Cornell HR Review would like to take the opportunity to reflect on some of the seminars and activities that our executive team attended. One highlight was the Center for Advanced Human Resources (CAHRS) Partner Day, with “HR Innovations” as the theme.

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Talent Acquisition vs Development: With a Focus on Leadership Development Programs

January 25, 2017

Global competition and an evolved business landscape has led organizations to take measures to learn and grow at an accelerated pace. With developed economies moving towards the service industry, human capital and its development have become key business prerogatives. Businesses are constantly competing for talent.

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Organizational Conflict Management Systems in Small Business

November 15, 2016

Organizations large and small have conflict management systems in place to proactively manage internal and external conflict. As small business leaders, we need to evaluate our organization’s culture and determine what conflict management process works for us. Grievance resolution, mediation, arbitration, ombudsman and peer review panels are examples of current conflict management processes. These dispute […]

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People and Technology: Reflections from the 2016 Human Capital Association Symposium

October 29, 2016

From time to time, the Cornell HR Review staff contributes summaries of HR-related events that take place on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY.  The intent is to disseminate the content of these events to the wider HR community of practitioners and researchers. In September 2016, the Human Capital Association (HCA) hosted its 14th […]

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Why are Baby Boomers Staying Employed?

October 11, 2016

The current generation of retirement eligible workers are staying in the workplace significantly longer than previous generations. As people live longer, they opt to remain in the workplace longer in order to continue earning income and stay engaged mentally.[1] The current and projected future changes in eligibility for Social Security retirement benefits also contributes to […]

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A New Role for Human Resource Managers: Social Engineering Defense

September 20, 2016

The general risk of social engineering attacks to organizations has increased with the rise of digital computing and communications, while for an attacker the risk has decreased. In order to counter the increased risk, organizations should recognize that human resources (HR) professionals have just as much responsibility and capability in preventing this risk as information […]

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Physical Extensions of Corporate Culture

August 15, 2016

Part 1: Overview of Popular Management Technique According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, “culture” was the most popular word of 2014. Corporate boardrooms have been facing a bit of a culture shock, not in the traditional sense of the term, but because of the emphasis currently being placed on initiatives to enhance company values and norms. […]

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Telework is work: Navigating the new normal

May 10, 2016

Over the past couple of decades, multiple factors have conspired to loosen the ties that once bound workers to their cubicles and 9-to-5 schedules. The practice of teleworking–also known as remote working or telecommuting–has been growing for years, with recent polls putting the proportion of teleworkers at 37% in the U.S.[i] Telework isn’t so much […]

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Employee privacy in light of new technologies: An ethical and strategic framework

May 10, 2016

If freedom comes with responsibility, then the spate of new tools enabling employee surveillance calls for careful consideration among HR leaders. Although court rulings will eventually provide more legal guidance on the issue, as strategic business partners HR departments must reach their own conclusions about how to integrate employee tracking technology. Given the generally employer-friendly […]

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