November 2009

Beyond Tenure: Building Managerial Competencies through Developmental Assignments

November 21, 2009

Download Key Findings: • The developmental quality of job assignments is critical for building managerial competencies. What matters most isn’t how long junior managers have been in an assignment, but the nature of that assignment. • Not all junior managers take advantage of such job assignments. Managers with a strong learning goal orientation—who view challenging […]

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Customers Suffer From Employee Churn: High Turnover Makes It Harder to Provide Top Service

November 7, 2009

Download Article Publication Date: 11-2009 Abstract Key Findings: • As rates of voluntary turnover climb within key business units, customers are more likely to report bad customer service. • When new workers arrive, established workers have to take time away from customer service to train the new workers in procedures and company culture. • Work units […]

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