May 2010

Effective Employee Incentive Plans: Features and Implementation Processes

May 31, 2010

A 2007 WorldatWork survey found that 70 percent of compensation professionals believe that incentive pay is “important or very important” to the success of their organization.[1] The economic downturn has accentuated the need to contain compensation costs by holding down fixed-based salary expenses.

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A Fine Balance: Effectively Managing Growth and Contraction

May 7, 2010

Times of economic hardship and prosperity both pose unique challenges to companies and their talent management practices. On one hand, while companies are experiencing contraction, employers may neglect motivating and developing their employees.

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When Gender, Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence Come to Work

May 4, 2010

Gender discrimination and sexual harassment are still prevalent in the American workplace even though laws against such behaviors have been in place for decades.

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Three Strategies for Managing through Economic Change

May 1, 2010

Since its implementation, strategic human resource management has helped assuage the age-old conflict formerly accepted to be inherent between employees and management. The interests of these two parties have long been erroneously assumed to be diametrically opposed.

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