November 2010

M&A Considerations for HR

November 29, 2010

Chris Altizer, SVP of HR for Pfizer Diversified Businesses, visited Cornell earlier this month to discuss the important role HR can play in corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Altizer discussed what M&A means for a company’s culture and how HR needs to think about organizational design, talent management, and the art of due diligence when […]

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Should Personality Testing Be Part of the Hiring Process?

November 21, 2010

Download KEY FINDINGS · Job candidates who fail a personality test the first time often change their responses dramatically on the second test—even though adult personality is known to be generally stable and unlikely to change in the short interval (in this study, one year) between tests. · Internal candidates are more likely than external […]

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Leading During Uncertain Times

November 1, 2010

L. Kevin Cox, Chief HR Officer of American Express, recently delivered the keynote address at the 8th Annual Human Capital Association Symposium. The theme of the event was “Leading with Flexibility: Adapting to Uncertain Times.” Cox spent the majority of his speech revealing to the audience how the 2008 economic collapse impacted American Express and […]

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