April 2011

Human Factors in Information-Age Trade Secret Protection

April 21, 2011

Trade secret information security involves a multi-dimensional array of human, legal, and technological factors.[1] I argue that organizational culture, employee policies, and other human factors are fundamental prerequisites to the successful implementation of legal and technological security measures.

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Forward-Thinking: HR’s Path to Improving its Worth

April 11, 2011

Human Resources has only just begun to move past its transactional roots into a truly strategic and value-adding role. Popular television characters like Toby from NBC’s The Office have all but glamorized HR, leaving individuals with a somewhat negative perception of the Human Resources function.

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The Changing Workforce

April 5, 2011

As the world is always changing and the need for talent is more competitive than ever, businesses are finding themselves in need of attracting and retaining key talent that will drive growth domestically and internationally. As a part of any talent management strategy, companies should look at offering various ways to do work for their […]

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