May 2011

Rules of Attraction: Job Seekers Use Negative News to Filter Initial Search

May 21, 2011

Download KEY FINDINGS · In contrast to popular belief that any publicity is good publicity, the researchers found that exposure to negative information about a company had both immediate and longer lasting effects on important recruitment outcomes. · Job seekers exposed to negative information about a previously unknown company were much less attracted to that […]

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Making ‘Cents’ of Temps: The Costs and Benefits of Contingent Workers

May 16, 2011

In the past year, seasonally adjusted temporary employment in the United States has grown by an average of 25,000 jobs per month, as businesses exercised greater caution in post-recession hiring.[i] Research suggests that this increase in temporary employment is anything but temporary.

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HR: More than a Glorified Party Planner

May 2, 2011

Human Resources as a function is not broadly recognized for the significant role that it plays in the development and execution of corporate business strategy because, in many cases, it plays more of a facilitator role than a director role.

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