May 2013

“For a Mess of Pottage”··: Incentivizing Creative Employees Toward Improved Competitiveness

May 19, 2013

 I.  Introduction Managing employees’ talent, promoting innovation, and improving productivity are critical challenges for organizations. Creative employees and the innovative products they develop can make a tremendous contribution to an organization’s success and competitive position.[1]  While employed inventors play an extremely important role in the production of an organization’s technological innovations, they are often either […]

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Labor Rights, Associate Duties, and Transnational Production Chains

May 1, 2013

I. Introduction In this article we propose to contribute to the philosophical debate on global justice by viewing labor relations as a type of association which implies moral commitments among its participants. We argue that such a view of associative duties justifies a cosmopolitan approach to labor standards, calling for the regulation and enforcement of […]

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