February 10, 2015

HR Career Development Index

The Human Resources Career Development Index (HRCDI) consists of a list (in Excel format) of corporate company profiles with a focus on details regarding their HR early career development structures. The HRCDI will be annually updated and shall serve as a focal point of reference for academics, students and practitioners in the field of human resources. The HRCDI presents organizations, practitioners, and students with a wide array of unique opportunities, including:

  • The opportunity to highlight distinctive features of your company’s growth and development for HR professionals,
  • A vital chance to enhance your HR brand equity and overall company brand to the broad readership of the Cornell HR Review,
  • The chance to increase your HR development program’s brand image,
  • A resource for benchmarking your current organization’s development program with other top companies’,
  • The unique opportunity to enlighten prospective candidates for hire prior to campus information sessions and interviews,
  • The opportunity for students to learn which companies may be a good fit for them!

If your organization is interested in learning more about the HRCDI, if you are a student who would like more information on a specific company, or if you find that any information contained herein is outdated, please tell us at hrreview@cornell.edu.

2014 HRCDI